Year in review: Sherene McHenry, 'Heart of Business' columnist

Year in review: Sherene McHenry, 'Heart of Business' columnist

Six columns to help you with the tricky task of managing people.

December 22, 2017
Matt McClellan
Business HR Management

In 2017, Sherene McHenry continued her “Heart of Business” column in Nursery Management magazine. Her writing helps business owners tackle the tricky task of managing people.

Here are her 2017 columns, all in one place for your convenience. 
How do you rate?
Examine your reputation to keep and attract quality employees.

‘All for one and one for all’
Make the effort to improve and maintain relations with suppliers and other outside partners.

The ‘love languages’ at work
Employees value different forms of recognition, so it’s important to show you value them in a variety of ways.

When employees speak, do you hear them?
Practice active listening and build trusting relationships for a successful workplace.

Seven signs you’re too trusting
Find a balance between having confidence in your staff and giving them full rein.

Apply ‘just right’ management
Strike a balance with your team by giving guidance without micromanaging or leaving them in the dark.

Sherene is a widely acclaimed speaker, author and coach who demystifies how to lead, motivate and resolve conflict for optimal results. Learn how Sherene can empower and equip your team to boost engagement, enhance effectiveness and raise productivity at

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