Year in review: Josiah Raymer, 'Front Lines' columnist

Year in review: Josiah Raymer, 'Front Lines' columnist

Five columns focused on production challenges.

December 22, 2017
Matt McClellan

Josiah Raymer’s column, “Front Lines,” presents a grower's voice  in our magazine. As head grower and general manager for Emerald Coast Growers, one of the country’s largest ornamental grass and perennial producers, he has a unique perspective on the challenges a grower faces.

Here are his 2017 columns for Nursery Management, all in one place for your convenience. 

Winter woes
Making the proper adjustments in winter prepares your crops for a successful spring wake-up.

Try something new
Jump in and try some new and trending plants for your next production cycle.

Bulk your grasses for spring sales
Know the proper way to bulk your grasses to time for spring sales.

Grasses are perennials too
Start planning now to bulk up ornamental grasses for spring sales.

Grasses: One size doesn’t fit all
Warm- and cool-season grasses have very different production needs.

Photo: Pennisetum alopecuroides Etouffee, provided by Emerald Coast Growers