Rain Bird introduces LX300 sprinkler

Rain Bird introduces LX300 sprinkler

The sprinkler's small footprint and operational flexibility are useful for low-volume nursery and greenhouse applications.

February 16, 2017
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AZUSA, Calif. – Rain Bird has introduced the new LFX300 Low Flow Sprinkler. This efficient, low-volume sprinkler offers a small footprint and unparalleled operational flexibility for farm, greenhouse and nursery applications.

“We’re keenly aware that farmers and growers are seeking irrigation systems and components that can help them continue to grow beautiful, healthy crops with less water,” said Mary Nichols, marketing manager for Rain Bird’s Agri-Products Division. “That’s why we engineered the new LFX300 Low Flow Sprinkler for superior distribution uniformity, easy field maintenance and maximum versatility.”

The LFX300 can be used for low-volume applications in under-tree or overhead configurations, including orchard and field irrigation, environmental control, crop cooling and dust control. Constructed of engineered thermoplastic materials for durability and weather resistance, the sprinkler features a simple, three-part design that includes its body, nozzle and brake assembly with attached deflector.

Five different color-coded nozzles in sizes ranging from 0.040” (1.02 mm) to 0.060” (1.52 mm) are available, as well as two flow-control nozzles at 0.35 gpm (79.5 l/h) and 0.50 gpm (113.6 l/h). These nozzles, as well as three preassembled brake assemblies with attached, color-coded deflectors with trajectories of 9º and 15º can be easily switched out to maximize operational flexibility. All nozzles and brake assemblies simply snap into place with visual indicators to ensure correct positioning and easy maintenance in the field. 

Cost-effective and easy-to-install mounting options and accessories are also available for the LFX300. Stakes in various sizes are available in steel, fiberglass or preassembled PVC. By choosing from a variety of adapters, users can make the sprinkler even more versatile.

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