OHP adds Astun to portfolio

OHP adds Astun to portfolio

The new ornamental fungicide provides botrytis control with no reported resistance.

October 9, 2017
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OHP Inc. has announced the addition of Astun ornamental fungicide to its stable of pest and disease solutions for the greenhouse and nursery markets.

Astun provides outstanding botrytis control with the active ingredient isofetamid, a new fourth-generation member of the SDHI class of chemistry, mode of action (MOA) group 7.

"We are excited to add Astun to our portfolio,” says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager. "We anticipate Astun will become an integral part of a botrytis control rotation for our grower partners.”

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"Astun provides preventative, systemic, and curative activity on ornamentals grown in commercial greenhouses and nurseries, notes Dr. Carlos Bográn, OHP manager of technical services."

"Astun is most effective when used as a protectant fungicide applied when conditions are right for botrytis development but before the disease damages the crop,” says Dr. Bográn.

Formulated as a user-friendly Suspension Concentrate (SC), Astun provides growers a new tool for botrytis resistance management. Astun can be tank mixed with other partners for a broader spectrum of control.

"In recent years, certain botrytis strains have become resistant to products used against the disease,” notes Dr. Bográn. "Astun offers an option with no reported resistance against botrytis.”

Astun carries a 12-hour REI and Caution signal word.

More information on Astun including label, SDS and product information can be found at ohp.com