Our May issue is live

Our May issue is live

Read all about roses, production innovations and more in our May issue.

May 17, 2017
Matt McClellan
Plants Production

The digital edition of our May magazine is ready for you to read. In this issue, we covered all things rose, production innovations, plant nutrition and more.

The rose market is on the rebound. Find out how breeders plan to pique the consumer’s interest with this classic crop in our cover story.

We also compiled a list of roses that were lauded in their respective regions as trial standouts.

Go in-depth with the Biltmore International Rose Trials, including how they provide breeders and growers with valuable feedback on plant performance.

The May issue also contained an update on rose rosette disease, including information about new resistant cultivars.

There was more than just rose coverage in the May issue, however.

Plant nutrition experts weighed in about how to create—or readjust—your nutrition program to maximize your crops’ potential and minimize product loss.

Small, incremental changes can often lead to big impacts. Learn about several of the innovations that have driven success for Lancaster Farms.

Magnolia Gardens Nursery is on the leading edge of drone use. Find out how they're using this unusual nursery tool.

John Bartok gave readers tips on keeping their structures sound by understanding structural loads.

Here is a preview of the Perennial Plant Association’s Denver Symposium.

Want to strengthen your business? Educate your sales team about these three simple words that can stifle client relationships and kill new business.