2018 new varieties: J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

2018 new varieties: J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Check out two new introductions: a Cornelian cherry dogwood and hybrid maple.

New Varieties

Editor's note: We're highlighting the plants from our 2018 New Plant Pavilion. Check out the whole list here or in our February issue!

Acer truncatum x A. platanoides Ruby Sunset® Maple ‘JFS-KW249’ PP#27985

Elegant leaves emerge pale green and purple-tinged in spring before turning glossy dark green. Heat and tatter resistant through the heat of summer, they turn deep ruby red in autumn. Of the hybrids introduced to date, this remarkably resilient, cold hardy (Zone 4b) and drought-tolerant offspring of Asian and European maple species most resembles Acer truncatum in size, habit and appearance. Broadly oval in youth and rounded as it matures to a height and spread of approximately 25’ x 20,’ it’s a great choice for sites requiring a more compact tree. 

Cornus mas Saffron Sentinel™ Cornelian Cherry ‘JFS PN4Legacy’

Bright yellow flowers herald the beginning of spring as they burst from buds clustered along winter-bare branches. This columnar, symmetrical selection of Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is vigorous, resistant to pests and diseases and offers USDA Zone 4 cold hardiness. Foliage remains clean and dark green throughout the summer months. Bright red oval fruits that ripen in late summer are tart, tasty and delicious in jams, jellies and beverages. Dark brown bark that exfoliates with age complements the deep crimson fall color and adds winter interest. Mature height and spread are approximately 22’ x 12’. 


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