Introducing the new Nursery Management newsletter

Introducing the new Nursery Management newsletter

The updated weekly e-blast features a fresh, mobile-optimized design.

April 20, 2017

Nursery Management  magazine is always looking for ways to improve your experience, and this week, we launched a redesigned newsletter that features a fresh, clean, mobile-optimized design.

Nursery Management magazine has consistently been a leader when it comes to technology and making sure readers can access the latest industry information conveniently, whether it be in an article, video, podcast or webinar. In October 2015, we revamped our website, which was optimized for easier navigation, especially for one of the fastest-growing user segments: mobile users.

In addition to a more mobile-friendly experience, the redesigned newsletter is easier to navigate and features attractive graphics and images.

“We are committed to mobile and delivering our magazine any way our readers would like to consume it,” says Jim Gilbride, Nursery Management magazine publisher. “We are always working to improve your experience and deliver the best content, in both our solid reporting and modern, attractive presentation.”

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