Illumitex expands its LED offerings and horticultural science team

Illumitex expands its LED offerings and horticultural science team

The lighting company has added a new X6 full-spectrum light and three new hires.

December 19, 2017
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Illumitex, a provider of LED lights and digital horticulture solutions, has announced it has expanded its LED offerings and added three new horticultural scientists to its team.

Illumitex’s enhanced full spectrum ideal for flowering plants

Illumitex has announced its new X6 full-spectrum light. The X6 spectrum has been engineered with increased output in the 500 to 650nm region while maintaining a high level of blue (400-450 nm) and deep-red (650-700nm).

“We are excited to deliver the Full-Spectrum X6 light to our customers,” says Yan Ren-Butcher, PhD, Illumitex’s
new director of horticulture science. “This full-spectrum has been designed to maximize chlorophyll A and B
absorption. The increased green wavelengths between 520-560nm allows much deeper canopy penetration to
produce the most biomass per plant.”

X6 - This full spectrum maximizes red and blue nm wavelengths to allow for optimal chlorophyll A and B
absorption with a balance of green wavelengths to allow deeper canopy penetration.


Illumitex has been a leader in delivering innovative and diverse spectra over the 15-year history of the
company. The X6 full-spectrum is another step in this evolution. The variety of spectra allows for a horticultural
operation to select the right mix of wavelengths to get the right result from their crop whether fruiting, flowering,
veg, or germinating, according to the release. The new spectrum addresses the need for a broader color range giving growers in greenhouse and sole-source lighting facilities the capability of driving very specific plant results.

“The X6 full-spectrum is a result of research and responding to customer feedback,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO of
Illumitex. “Part of our goal with any technology is providing solutions that drive results for operations across
applications. The full spectrum light is also an important piece of our digital horticulture product line that will
monitor every plant at every moment to deliver actionable information that positively impacts a growers

This announcement continues to exemplify the commitment Illumitex has shown over the past several months to
have the latest and most innovative solutions for horticultural lighting in the industry.

Illumitex expands horticultural science team

Illumitex continues this year’s success by the addition of three team members to the horticulture science staff, according to a press release. This expands the team to five and gives the company more than 50 years of horticultural experience.

Yan Ren-Butcher, Ph.D., joins the Illumitex team as the director of horticulture science. Ren-Butcher earned her Ph.D degree in Horticultural Sciences from Texas A&M University in 2011. She has many years of experience, focusing largely on helping to bridge the science of lighting with horticulture to ensure her consumers understand the value in the lighting technology. Ren-Butcher will propel Illumitex as the leader in horticulture research and development, drive innovation and insight into the LED technology, and educating growers on the role that LED lighting plays in the success of controlled environment agricultural.

Veronica Hoyos Leonard also joins the team as the horticulture sales scientist supporting the Western North American territories. Veronica comes to Illumitex with a master's degree in agricultural engineering, specializing in horticulture crops from Monterrey Tech University. She has an abundance of experience in assisting growers on best practices highlighting the importance of sustainability and efficiency including several years of managing 400,000 sq. ft. greenhouse in Ft. Davis, Texas. Veronica will work closely with the sales team to develop lighting layouts, consult with growers on their operation, and be the point of contact for post-installation support.

Additionally, Rosalie Kelley, master inhouse grower, joins the team to conduct studies on properly care for a plant under LED lighting. Kelley has an extensive background in growing and maintaining a wide variety of plants. She holds a master’s degree in agriculture from Texas State University. Kelley will be managing the care of the plants that Illumitex grows in-house as they continue to test and develop new lighting technologies.

“Illumitex is proud of the rapid expansion the company is seeing as we move into 2018,” said John Spencer, SVP
sales and marketing of Illumitex. “2018 is projected to be the best year in the company’s history supported by our
expansion of sales, marketing, and horticulture teams over the course of 2017.”

These employees will play an integral role in accelerating Illumitex’s market leadership and innovation and
research that goes into the development of to create the best-in-class LED Horticulture lighting systems.