Handpicked for You announces new website

Handpicked for You announces new website

The certification is designed to help consumers make good plant choices.

June 5, 2017
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Industry News

RALEIGH, N.C. – SynRG has announced the launch of the new handpickedplants.com website. 

Consumers and industry alike can visit the website to view 2017 Handpicked for You retailers, search more than 60 Tried and True plants, and learn more about the collaborative plant trial process behind the new Handpicked for You plants. 

SynRG is a collaboration of plant breeders, growers and independent garden center retailers, working together to identify and introduce the best, tested and most trusted new plants to the industry with the Handpicked for You trustmark. The certification will help the consumer to make good choices while providing reassurance that each item identified with the trustmark has been rigorously tested and locally scrutinized, making the final cut when the plant has proven its performance. There are five founding growers for SynRG – Overdevest Nurseries, Prides Corner Farms, Saunders Brothers, Sheridan Nurseries and Willoway Nurseries.

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“The launch of our new website is an exciting step forward for Handpicked for You,” said Rob Naraj of Sheridan Nurseries, one of the founding companies behind SynRG. “2017 is our trial year as a program, as we establish our marketing platforms, build partnerships with our independent retailer collaborators, and refine our plant trials. The website is an important step to help communicate what Handpicked for You is and how the trustmark can help consumers confidently select plants that will perform well for them.”

Consumers will benefit from a custom-designed plant search on the new website. Gardeners can find the perfect Handpicked for You plant for their location by viewing curated plant collections designed for their lifestyle – such as plants that attract pollinators, are kid and pet friendly, or work well in smaller urban yards. They can also locate plants that help solve particular needs, such as plants for privacy screening or erosion control, as well as being able to search by standard plant features such as height or zone.

Nearly 40 retailers from 15 states and Canada are collaborating with SynRG, LLC, the founding entity behind Handpicked for You in 2017. These retailers are testing the Handpicked for You concept, working with SynRG to refine the processes and plant trials, and providing feedback and ideas during this first “trial” year for Handpicked for You. In 2018 these retailers will be joined by many others as the Handpicked for You program officially launches. Independent retail partners will provide critical, local feedback on new plants in the Handpicked for You plant trials. In addition, these partner retailers will sell the Tried and True and new Handpicked for You plants, helping to introduce their consumers to the Handpicked for You trustmark. Retailers in the eastern U.S. and Canada who are interested in collaborating on Handpicked for You plants in 2018 should contact their sales representative with one of the five founding growers behind SynRG or contact the office.