Multifan announces V-FloFan

Multifan announces V-FloFan

The fan promises 50 percent less noise and 50 percent less energy consumption than its predecessor, according to the company.

July 10, 2017
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Venlo, the Netherlands/Bloomington, IL, USA - Multifan, the dedicated agricultural fan manufacturer, is addressing the need for more energy efficient fans in greenhouses and will be exhibiting the vertical ventilation fan V-FloFan at Cultivate 2017 (booth 3565), according to a press release. Multifan is excited to be part of this event where it can demonstrate fans that help reducing their electricity bill and improve the outcomes of operation, according to the release.

The new Next Generation Multifan V-FloFan makes 50% less noise and uses up to 40% less energy than the previous V-FloFan ventilator. The Next Generation V-FloFan is very much in line with the ‘New Cultivation Concept’ of Dutch Wageningen University & Research Centre and was developed on the basis of hands-on experience by growers in the field.

Energy-efficient cultivation with optimum yields

HNT is an acronym for energy-efficient cultivation with optimum production yields. The focus here is on preventing energy losses, minimising frost damage, and lowering the pipe temperature when heating the greenhouse. Vostermans developed the Multifan V-FloFan ventilator to meet these specific requirements. Thanks to the specially designed, aerodynamic outflow cap, the V-FloFan recirculates heat in the greenhouse via a vertical airflow. As a result, heat is reintroduced at the level of the plant, making it possible to reduce pipe temperature and minimise energy loss. The V-FloFan circulates air horizontally as well as vertically, thereby creating an optimum and uniform climate at the plant level. With the help of the V-FloFan, growers can effectively manage the humidity at plant level and easily and efficiently avoid damage caused by differences in humidity. The V-FloFan can be used for a variety of crops (low/medium/high) and in greenhouses with or without screens or assimilation lighting.

Less noise, greater ventilation range, and significant energy savings

The original V-FloFan, developed in cooperation with Wageningen UR and growers, has undergone further development resulting in:

- Reduction of the noise level by 50% to a low level of 45 dB(a)
o allowing the ventilator to provide an almost silent working environment.
- Reduction of the energy consumption of the ventilator by up to 40%.

As a result, the Next Generation V-FloFan consumes less energy and fits seamlessly into an energy-efficient cultivation concept. Finally, as the range covered by the Next Generation V-FloFan is no less than 250 m², growers need fewer ventilators and can greatly reduce their investment costs.