Finding new varieties

Finding new varieties

Try some trending plants for your next production cycle.

October 22, 2017
Josiah Raymer
New Varieties

It’s the time of year when growers’ minds start turning toward new varieties – how to build the right production mix, what to include in your selection. Knowing how cultivars perform and being aware of any quirks can help make the decisions easier. Don’t be afraid to change your production mix, just be smart about how you do it.

Succulents continue their reign of popularity. New varieties are being introduced every year, and it’s exciting to see what breeders are developing. New breeding has resulted in more compact and colorful selections, without sacrificing production time or adding efforts.

The ever-popular hens and chicks are enjoying a resurgence in appeal, and new selections like Chris Hansen’s Chick Charms make a great addition to today’s production mix. Keep an eye out for Fusarium in hotter, humid climates. A monthly fungicide drench can help during warmer months.

As an added benefit, the new forms and colors make these new selections great choices for mixed containers. Their controlled habits and growth have them well-suited for a variety of combinations. And if you have a savvy container designer on staff, they’ll have a great time finding new and creative ways to explore their potential. As you’re building your combos, use a well-draining mix, and avoid watering in midday sun as this can cause some leaf burn.

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Photo: Sempervivum Chick Charms Sugar Shimmer, courtesy Emerald Coast Growers.