Eason Horticultural Resources announces Direct Access 2.0

Eason Horticultural Resources announces Direct Access 2.0

The online ordering system allows customers to view availability from multiple suppliers at the same time.

March 13, 2017
Press Release
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FT. WRIGHT, KY - Eason Horticultural Resources (EHR) has unveiled the latest version of their online ordering system, “Direct Access 2.0." This exclusive EHR tool was designed to "make comparing supplier pricing and immediate availability easy," according to a press release.

With Direct Access, customers can view live availability numbers from multiple suppliers all on the same screen. A customer is not limited to just live availabilities. A supplier’s full availability can be accessed as well. Customers can place multiple orders for different vendors across multiple weeks with the push of a button.

To use Direct Access, a customer starts typing in the first few letters of the plant name, making it possible to find plant availability and compare prices on the same screen. In addition to these new features, customers still have full access to their order and shipment history and can change orders 24/7.